Policy Memo 202

DOH-CACFP: Number 202 (05/18), Supersedes Number 67 (06/02)

TO: CACFP Sponsors of Centers Serving School Age Children

FROM: Dwight LaDu, Director, Child and Adult Care Food Program

SUBJECT: Using Income Eligibility Information from the National School Lunch Program In CACFP Programs

Purpose and Scope

In an effort to reduce the paperwork involved in administering CACFP, programs serving school age children may request income eligibility information from schools participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). This information may be used to report enrollment eligibility to CACFP for non at-risk programs.

School Responsibilities

Information from the Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals can be shared between Child Nutrition Programs. Since both the National School Lunch Program and CACFP are authorized under the Child Nutrition Act, parental consent is not required for the school to share income eligibility information with the afterschool program, even if the school does not operate the afterschool program. For example, if a YMCA operates a program in an elementary school, the elementary school may provide a list of students and their enrollment eligibility to the afterschool program.

School districts are encouraged but not required to provide this information to CACFP Programs. If they choose to do so, the school district may request a written agreement between the school and the CACFP program.

CACFP Program Responsibilities

The afterschool program must ensure that only those staff directly connected with the administration of CACFP, and whose job responsibilities require the use of income eligibility information, will have access to the information. The information may not be shared with any other person or institution and must be kept confidential and secure.