No. 179 (01/15) Eat Well Play Hard in Child Care Centers and Day Care Homes Submission of Supporting Documentation for Voucher Expenses

DOH-CACFP: Number 179 (01/15)

TO: All EWPHCCS and EWPHDCH Grantees

FROM: Dwight LaDu, Director, Child and Adult Care Food Program

SUBJECT: Eat Well Play Hard in Child Care Centers and Day Care Homes Submission of Supporting Documentation for Voucher Expenses

I. Purpose and Scope

Federal and State guidance requires documentation to support all expenses claimed during the implementation of Eat Well Play Hard in Child Care Settings (EWPHCCS) and Eat Well Play Hard with Day Care Homes (EWPHDCH). This memo describes the required documentation to be submitted with each monthly voucher and COLA voucher effective with January 2015 voucher submission.

II. Background Information

In order to be reimbursed, contractors must submit copies of documentation supporting all expenses claimed under their EWPHCCS and EWPHDCH contracts. Original documents must be retained at your organization and be made available for inspection upon request. All claimed expenses must have been incurred within the start and end dates of the current contract term, paid prior to submission of the monthly voucher and COLA voucher, and must not duplicate reimbursement of costs and services received from other sources. Described below are acceptable standards of documentation. Records that do not include all of the information outlined in this memo will not be accepted and the corresponding expenses will not be paid.

Personal Service

A payroll register or pay stubs are required for all payroll expenses. If submitting a payroll register, highlight each individual's name and salary for whom expenses are claimed. If less than 100% of the salary shown is being claimed, indicate the claimed amount and the percentage of time worked. Acceptable payroll register or pay stubs must show the following information:

  • Employee's Name
  • Pay Period Ending Date
  • Gross Salary/Hourly wages earned
  • All appropriate deductions
  • Net Salary Amount

EWPHCCS and EWPHDCH staff who work less than 100% of their time on EWPHCCS and EWPHDCH must complete time and effort documentation showing the number of hours worked each day of the month on these projects. Organizations must retain these forms onsite and have them available upon request. See the attached form used by EWPHCCS.

Fringe Benefits

Organizations do not have to submit documentation for mandatory fringe benefits (FICA, SUI, NYS Disability Insurance and Workers' Compensation) with the voucher; however, claimed fringe benefits may not exceed the amount paid. For optional fringe benefits such as dental, health or life insurance, you must submit a copy of the paid premium statement. The statement must show the date paid and check number and you must highlight the names of the individuals being claimed. If less than the entire cost is claimed, indicate the amount.

Other Than Personal Service

Paid invoices or receipts must clearly identify your organization and which items were purchased. Invoices for rent, utilities and repairs must show the location where the service was provided. If less than 100% of the receipt/invoice is being charged, indicate the amount charged and highlight it. Copies of checks made payable to the vendor are preferred documentation for each invoice, but if unavailable, indicate the payment date and check number on the invoice. If you do not have a receipt, you must submit a copy of the canceled check, both front and back. For items paid for at purchase, a cash register receipt that shows payment is sufficient.

Purchase of Services (Consultants, Contractual Services, Rent, Telephone, etc.) must be supported by an invoice or receipt showing:

  • The time period covered by the invoice
  • Description of the service(s) being provided
  • Amount of expense

Copies of consultant agreements, contractual agreements and equipment bids must be submitted and approved each year with your EWPHCCS or EWPHDCH contract.

Purchase of Supplies/Equipment must be supported by an invoice or receipt showing:

  • Date of purchase
  • Items purchased
  • Amount of expense

Food receipts must include:

  • The name of the recipe being prepared
  • The date of the EWPHCCS or EWPHDCH lesson
  • The name and location of the center or home where the lesson is taking place

Travel/Per Diem

For local mileage claims, a copy of the mileage log must be provided showing the following information:

  • Date of Travel
  • Distance in miles
  • Rate of "per mile" reimbursement, not to exceed the NYS rate
  • Starting and ending location

For long distance/per diem claims, provide copies of:

  • Receipts for transportation
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Meals
  • Taxis
  • Parking
  • And any other expenses associated with the purpose of the trip.

All claims for travel must include the name and title of the traveler and the purpose of the travel.

Indirect Costs

Prior to the beginning of the federal fiscal year submit your indirect cost allocation plan and a copy of the letter from our organization's cognizant agency indicating indirect cost rate has been approved.

Please Note

If documentation is submitted for expenses that are not allowable, reasonable, reimbursable, outside the current federal fiscal year, illegible (amounts or items purchased not readable) or incomplete (no check number and paid date), the amount claimed will be removed from the voucher. If your voucher is adjusted for any reason, you will be notified of the amount and the reason the adjustment was made. If the cost is allowable you may add the cost to the next month's voucher with the acceptable supporting documentation.

Supplemental vouchers may also be submitted at the end of the fiscal year for:

  • A period for which a claim has already been approved, and does not duplicate expenses on that claim
  • The most recent period for which expenses were disallowed
  • At the end of the contract term for paid expenses not reimbursed on a previous claim.

Summary of Changes

Contractors must submit acceptable documentation for all expenses claimed on monthly vouchers and COLA vouchers in order for vouchers to be processed. This memo defines what documentation is acceptable to support expenses claimed. Only paid expenses incurred within the current federal fiscal year can be included on the vouchers.

Please contact Sheri Alberti at 1-800-942-3858, Option 2, if you have any questions.


Sample Mileage/Public Transportation Form (PDF)

Sample Time and Effort Documentation Forms (PDF)