Policy Memo 164

DOH-CACFP: Number 164 (03/12) Supersedes Number 139 (03/10)

TO: CACFP Sponsors of Day Care Centers

FROM: Lois Hazelton, Director of Centers Administration Unit - Child and Adult Care Food Program

SUBJECT: CACFP Participation for Additional Day Care Centers

The purpose of the memo is to clarify CACFP's existing policy on adding a new center. The policy has not changed but CACFP is re-issuing the policy to answer questions, and add information about online submissions. CACFP must approve a center before any meals served at that center can be reimbursed. This policy also applies to centers that move to another location.

A. How do I add a new center to my CACFP participation?

When a center begins serving reimbursable meals to the participants, submit the following to CACFP for approval:

  • A completed Application for Participation of Individual Centers (DOH-3682), with the original signature of the person in charge of the center.
    • If you have a CACFP Information and Payment System (CIPS) account and submit your claims online, complete the center application online.∗
  • A copy of the current license, registration or program approval, if required by the licensing authority. If it is not available at the time of application, submit as soon as possible.
  • One week of menus for each meal or snack to be claimed.

B. When will the center be approved?

CACFP will approve or deny the center within 30 days of receiving the application. When submitting the application, please indicate the effective date that you want to begin claiming meals. Retroactive payments are limited to one month.

C. How will I know when the center has been approved?

If CACFP approves the center, you will receive an amendment to your agreement with CACFP. If you have a CIPS account, CACFP will approve your application online.

D. What else do I need to do before I can begin claiming?

  1. You are required to make a pre-approval visit to a new center. The purpose of this pre-approval visit is to train the staff on CACFP requirements (i.e., income eligibility applications, meal counts and meal patterns) and to ensure that the proposed food service is within the capability of the facility. You can use the CACFP Monitor Checklist for Day Care Centers (CACFP-4259) for this purpose. Keep this completed form on file.
  2. If the new center is the only site that will contract to purchase meals, call CACFP or access our website, for Policy Memo DOH-CACFP Number 110 (05/06), which provides instruction on the procurement process.
  3. If a food service contract is currently in effect for other centers, amend the contract to include the number of meals, and the delivery time at the new center. Keep this amended contract on file.
  4. If the center is for-profit, the center must meet the requirement that:
    • 25% of the enrolled children or 25% of the licensed capacity (whichever is less) meet the income guidelines for free or reduced-price meals; OR
    • the center receives subsidy payments for 25% of the enrolled children or 25% of the licensed capacity (whichever is less).
  5. Refer to the 60/90-Day Calendar to determine if you can submit adjusted claims.
  6. Submit the center application and documentation to:

    Child and Adult Care Food Program/Centers Unit
    NYS Dept. of Health, Division of Nutrition
    150 Broadway, 6th FL West, Room 650
    Albany, NY 12204
∗ If you would like to submit claims online, all of the information is available on our website at www.health.ny.gov/prevention/nutrition/cacfp/cips.