Traumatic Brain Injury: Professionals/Specialists

There are many professionals trained to assist persons with a brain injury in their recovery. The following is an alphabetical list of specialists in the treatment of brain injury.

  • Audiologist (AUD)- Specialist trained in hearing disorders.
  • Behavioral Optometrist (OD) - Specialist trained in visual disturbances of brain injury.
  • Mental Health Counselor - Trained in counseling for emotional problems.
  • Neurologist (MD) - Physician who specializes in the nervous system and its disorders.
  • Neurosurgeon (MD) - Physician trained to care for all types of brain problems and perform brain surgery as needed.
  • Neuropsychologist (PhD) - Specialist who is trained in treating the psychological, behavioral and cognitive impact of a brain injury.
  • Occupational Medicine (MD) - Physician who evaluates work related injuries.
  • Occupational Therapist (OT) - Specialist trained in helping patients re-learn how to do activities involved in everyday living like brushing teeth, grooming, etc., as well as higher level thinking skills needed to return home and to work successfully.
  • Ophthalmologist (MD) - Physician trained in diseases of the eye.
  • Otolaryngologist (MD) - Physician trained to treat ear, nose and throat problems.
  • Physiatrist or Rehabilitation Medicine Doctor (MD) - Physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation; often coordinates the treatment of a person with brain injury when more than one physician is involved with the recovery.
  • Physical Therapist (PT) - Specialist trained in helping a person gain physical ability.
  • Psychologist (Clinical) (PhD) - Trained in counseling for emotional problems.
  • Recreation Therapist - Specialist who assists in helping people return to doing things they enjoyed prior to a brain injury or learning new activities so they can reclaim enjoyment and fun in their lives.
  • Social Worker (MSW, LCSW) - Trained in counseling for emotional problems.
  • Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Therapist) - Specialist trained in helping a person in speech, language and cognitive issues. He/she also may work on attention, memory, organization, reading comprehension, writing skills and strategies to help compensate for deficits related to the brain injury.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor - Specialist trained in assisting with the successful return to work, school, or volunteering.