Traumatic Brain Injury: Healthy Sleep Tips

The following is a list of tips which can be used to improve sleep. For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website.

  1. Keep regular bedtime and wakeup hours even on weekends.
  2. Do NOT take naps.
  3. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, dark, and relaxing environment, which is neither too hot nor too cold.
  4. Have a relaxing bedtime routine - warm soak in the tub or warm shower, relaxing thoughts , meditation, progressive muscle relaxation exercises, or yoga.
  5. Use the bed for sleeping and not for other activities, such as reading, watching TV, or listening to music.
  6. Go to another room if sleep does not come within 20 - 30 minutes.
  7. Avoid bright light exposure near bedtime.
  8. Avoid the following 3 hours before bedtime:
    • Caffeinated food or drinks
    • Heavy meals, nicotine, or alcohol
    • Heavy exercise
  9. Stop work or viewing TV at least one hour before bed.
  10. Consult with a health care provider before taking any over the counter medications or supplements.