Traumatic Brain Injury: Resources

Resources for Patients

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program
    • This program is designed to make it possible for individuals who have suffered a TBI to stay in their homes and communities. Home and Community Based Services TBI waiver services are designed to address the unique needs of eligible individuals and promote a service delivery system to assure maximum participant choice.  When waiver services are appropriately combined with other services, it enables individuals with TBI to successfully live in their communities.
  • Long Term Care Information
  • Helen Hayes Hospital
    • Helen Hayes Hospital is a 155-bed state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility that provides comprehensive medical and therapeutic services to people of all ages who have physical disabilities and chronic disabling diseases. It provides inpatient, outpatient and transitional services for persons with TBIs. The New York State Department of Health operates this facility.

Resources for Veterans and their Families

  • Veterans Health Information Clearing House
    • The Veterans Health Information Clearing House provides a list of resources for veterans and their families seeking health care information. The Clearing House also provides resources for health care providers. The site provides links and phone numbers for a wide variety of federal, state and other health care resources that may be of assistance to veterans and providers seeking information on illnesses that may be service connected and facilities that may be able to provide health care services.
    • View the Video: Coming Home: Families, Courage, and Resilience after Brain Injury, a personal view into the lives of veterans who have sustained a TBI and the services available to help in their recovery.
  • New York State Veterans Nursing Homes
    • The New York State Veterans' Homes are skilled nursing facilities owned and operated by the New York State Department of Health. The homes provide quality care to all eligible veterans and their eligible dependents in need of skilled nursing care and rehabilitative services. They also conduct geriatric research and provide education and training for health care professionals.
  • Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
  • Veterans Health Initiative: Traumatic Brain Injury

Resources for Health Care Providers

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