Key Items for Contracting

  • Terms also available in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Contract Term

  • What is the "Effective Date" of the contract and when does it end?
  • Does the contract automatically renew after the initial period?

Contracting Parties

  • Who are you contracting with, the MCO or VBP Contractor (Hospital, IPA, ACO)?
  • Use the legal names for each entity in your contract

Scope of Project

  • Describe your project implementation
  • What services will be provided by the CBO?
  • How many people will the intervention target? All members in the arrangement? Members that meet specific requirement?
  • Will the MCO or VBP Contractor identify targeted members and refer members as needed?
  • How will you evaluate/measure success?

Geographical Area

  • What area(s) will the intervention cover

Data Sharing Agreement

  • CBO contracts must include an agreement to share member data to allow:
    • targeting SDH intervention to yield the most impact.
    • evaluating intervention outcomes.

Payment Method

  • How will your organization get paid? Lump sum? Monthly or quarterly reimbursement.
  • Are payments tied to specific measures and outcomes? i.e. number of referrals made, number of visits or contact hours, number of patient who are successfully reconnected to healthcare provider.

Reporting and Data Collection

  • How often are reports due?
  • What data points are collected?
  • How will you track the people that are served in the intervention?

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