MRT Phase 7 Project Status

MRT Project # Project/Task Description Status
10001 Establish Rebates for High Cost Drugs In Progress
10002 NYC Administrative Funding In Progress
10003 Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Authorization In Progress
10004 Eliminate Bed Hold Payment In Progress
10005 Realign Children's SPA and MC Implementation In Progress
10006 MRT 1115 Deliverables In Progress
10007 HARP Rates Completed
10008 1115 Budget Neutrality In Progress
10009 1115 Demonstration Evaluation Design Completed
10010 HARP Evaluation Completed
10011 Managed Care Transition Completed
10012 OPWDD Transition to Managed Care In Progress
  Eligibility and Market Int.  
10101 Medicare as a Condition of Medicaid Eligibility In Progress
  Finance and Rate Setting  
10201 Medicaid Accounts Receivable In Progress
10202 Separate Rate Cells for High Cost/ High Needs Populations in Managed Care In Progress
10203 Quarterly Meetings with Legislature on Medicaid Managed Care Rates Completed
10204 Monthly Meetings with Legislature on the Medicaid Global Cap Completed
10205 Wage Parity for CDPAP Assistants Completed
10206 Reduce Hospital Quality Pool Completed
10207 Enhanced Safety Net Hospital Program In Progress
10208 Critical Access Hospitals In Progress
10209 SUNY DSH Completed
10210 Reduction in Mainstream Managed Care Quality Bonus Completed
10211 Reduction in Number of VBP Pilots Completed
10212 Medicaid Restimate/ DSRIP Savings Completed
10213 Monroe County Special Payment Completed
10214 Generic Drugs Consumer Price Index (CPI) Completed
10215 Generic CPI Penalty Adjustment – 75% Completed
10216 Reduce Payments to Plans for Facilitated Enrollment Completed
  Long Term Care  
10301 Ban MLTC Marketing Completed
10302 align End–of–Life Services with Medicare In Progress
10303 Implementation of a Plan Fining Mechanism for DLTC Completed
10304 BIP Funds to Support FLSA Mandate Completed
10305 BIP Funds to Support NY Connects Completed
10306 NHTD/TBI carve out Merged #8401
10307 UAS Completed
  Program Development and Management  
10401 Women´s Health Initiative – Infertility Treatment In Progress
10402 Pasteurized Donor Human Milk (PDHM) Completed
10403 School Based Health Centers carve out Merged #8401
10404 Reduce 911 "Frequent Flier" calls Completed
10405 Health Homes Restructuring and Reprogramming Outreach Completed
10406 Increase Penalty for Early Elective Deliveries Completed
10407 Continued Medicaid Coverage Review Completed
10408 Enhanced Claim Editing fir ESO Completed
10409 PCMH Enhanced Funding Reduction Completed
10410 Transition Medicaid Reimbursement Methodology from EAC to AAC In Progress
10411 Change Copayment for Brand Drugs In Progress
10412 Enhanced Program Integrity for Opioids/ Controlled Substances In Progress
10413 Conduct Comprehensive Clinical Editing In Progress

Phase 7  
Cancelled 0
Completed 28
Merged 2
Included in MRT Waiver 0
Substantively Complete 0
Suspended 0
In Progress 19
Total 49*

* 38.78% Remain open