MRT Phase 5 Project Status

MRT Project # Project/Task Description Status
8001 Cost-sharing Limits for Medicare Part B Claims Completed
8002 Gold STAMP Program to Reduce Pressure Ulcers Completed
8003 Mainstream Managed Care Plan Profit Cap Cancelled
8004 Alzheimers Disease Caregiver Support Project Completed
8005 MLTC Technology Demonstration Completed
8006 Advanced Training Initiative Completed
8007 Medicaid Transportation Fee Enhancement – and Standardization Completed
8008 Health Home Criminal Justice Initiative Completed
8009 ICAN Expansion Completed
8010 BIP NY Connects Expansion Completed
8011 HCBS Settings Statewide Transition Plan Merged #11003
8012 Air Ambulance Completed
8013 Supplemental Ambulance Completed
8014 Rural Transportation Completed
8015 Young Adult Special Populations Demo In Progress
8016 Community First Choice Option/ Investments in Olmstead In Progress
8017 Refinancing / Shared Savings Completed
8018 Energy Efficiency Completed
8019 NAMI (Net Adjusted Medicaid Income) Cancelled
8020 Neurodegenerative Initiative (ND) Completed
8021 Medicaid Coverage of Harm Reduction Activities: AI providers reimbursement Completed
  Pharmacy Savings  
8101 Statewide Supplemental Rebates (FFS/MCO) Completed
8102 Accelerate Rebate Collections (FFS/MCO) Completed
8103 Expand Clinical Drug Editing in FFS Completed
8104 Implement Managed Care Pharmacy Efficiencies Completed
8105 Specialty Pharmacy Vendor Completed
  Hospital Reimbursement  
8201 Establish Hospital Quality Pool Completed
8202 Invest in Essential Community Hospitals Completed
8203 Eliminate PPNO Rate Reduction Completed
8204 Eliminate Across the Board Elective Deliveries In Progress
  Supportive Housing  
8301 Peer Training/Employment Linkages Cancelled
8302 Medical Respite and DSRIP Rental Subsidy Program Suspended
8303 Moving On Initiative Suspended
8304 Access to Homes Completed
8305 MRT Service and Operating Cancelled
8306 Medical Respite Program Merged #9003
  Care Management for All  
8401 Care Management Population & Benefit Expansion, Access to Services, and Consumer Rights In Progress

Phase 5  
Cancelled 4
Completed 25
Merged 2
Included in MRT Waiver 0
Substantively complete 0
Suspended 2
In Progress 4
Total 37*

* 16.22% Remain open