MRT Phase 4 Project Status

MRT Project # Project/Task Description Status
  Catch–All Workplan
7001 Gold STAMP Program to Reduce Pressure Ulcers Completed
7002 Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) Completed
7003 Improve Fair Hearing Process Completed
7004 Foster Care Readiness to Transition to Managed Care Completed
7005 Program Integrity – FAS for SE Income Reviews Completed
7006 Basic Health Program Completed
7007 Preschool/School Supportive Health Services (SSHSP) Cost Study and Certified Public Expenditure (CPE) Implementation - NYCDOE Merge #10002
  Supportive Housing
7101 Olmstead Subsidy Program Completed
7102 MRT Housing Tracking and Reporting System Cancelled
7103 MRT Evaluation Project Completed
7104 Special-Needs Assisted Living Program (SN–APLS) Completed
7105 Access to Homes Completed
7106 Expand and improve independent senior housing opportunities Completed
  Basic Benefit
7201 Topical Oxygen Wound Therapy (TOWT) Suspended
7202 Eliminate Coverage of Viscosupplementation of the Knee for Osteoarthritis Completed
7203 Tobacco Cessation by Dentists Completed
  Health Disparities
7301 Promote Hepatitis C Care and Treatment through Service Integration: Health Home Expansion Cancelled
7302 Social Determinants of Health Completed
  Behavioral Health
7401 Facilitating the Transition of BH Services for Adults and Kids into Managed Care Completed
7402 Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health (Payment Increases for Integrated Clinic Care and Collaborative Care) Completed
7403 Targeted Vital Access Provider (VAP) program to preserve critical access to behavioral health inpatient and article 31 freestanding clinic services Completed
7404 OASAS Residential Restructuring In Progress
7405 Health Home Plus for Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Completed
7406 Funding New HARP HCBS Services Completed
7501 Antiretroviral (ARV) Supplemental Rebates (SR) associated with the Ending AIDS Epidemic Initiative Merged #8101
7502 Prior Authorization for Non-Medically Accepted Indications for Prescription Drugs Completed
7503 align Pharmacy Copayments with Plan formularies Completed
7504 align statewide Drug Utilization Review (DUR) programs by expanding point of sale clinical pharmacy editing in managed care plans (MCP) Completed
7505 Tighten Early Fill Edit Completed
7506 Eliminate ePrescribing Incentive Program Completed
7601 Inappropriate Reserve Bed Payments Cancelled
7602 OPWDD inappropriate services included in Rate Completed
7603 Rx claims paid by Medicaid and Medicare Completed
7604 Denied Claims Project Completed
7605 UMASS County Demonstration Completed

Phase 4  
Cancelled 3
Completed 28
Merged 2
Included in MRT Waiver 0
Substantively complete 0
Suspended 1
In Progress 1
Total 35*

* 5.71% Remain open