MRT Phase 2 Project Status

MRT Project # Project/Task Description Status
  Program Streamlining and State/Local Responsiblities Work Group
5001 Develop and Implement Core Exchange Business Processes Completed
5002 Restructure Medicaid Financing Completed
5003A Transition Medicaid Administration from Counties to the State: Secure Legislative Authority and Resources Completed
5003B Transition Medicaid Administration from Counties to the State: Identify Functions for Early State Administration and Implement Completed
5003C Transition Medicaid Administration from Counties to the State: Centralize MAGI Eligibility Determinations Merged #11001
5004A Centralize and automate eligibility and enrollment processes for the Medicare Savings Programs. Suspended
5004B Expand Aged, Blind, and Disabled Automated Renewals Cancelled
5004C Asset Verification System (AVS) Merged #11001
5004D Automate Spend Down Cancelled
5004E Address Vulnerable Population Consumer Assistance Needs Completed
5005 Improve Access to Emergency Medicaid Completed
  Behavioral Health Reform Work Group
5101 Create Risk-Bearing Managed Care Entities for High-Need Behavioral Health Populations Completed
5101A Identify/Develop Mechanisms for improving behavioral health screening and treatment in primary care settings Completed
5101B Implement Joint licensure for clinics Completed
5101C Care coordination model for children with behavioral health needs Merged 1115 Phase 7
  MLTC Implementation & Waiver Redesign Work Group
5201 Quality Measures for CCM Performance Merged #5602
5202 Improve Fair Hearing Process Merged #7003
5203 Workgroup on integration of self-directed program models Completed
  Health Disparities Work Group
5301 Data Collection/Metrics to Measure Health Disparities Completed
5302 Improve Language Access to improve disparities Completed
5303 Promote Language Accessible Prescription Labels Completed
5304A Chronic Disease Preventive Services: Diabetes In Waiver
5304B Chronic Disease Preventive Services: Asthma In Waiver
5304C Chronic Disease Preventive Services: Lead Poisoning In Waiver
5304D Chronic Disease Preventive Services: Automated blood pressure cuffs for home use Completed
5305 Streamline and Improve Access to Emergency Medicaid Merged #5005
5306 Address Disparities in Treatment at Teaching Facilities Cancelled
5307A Expand access for contraception and other family planning services Cancelled
5307B Expand Medicaid coverage for inter-conception care Cancelled
5307C Expand Medicaid coverage to include breastfeeding education and lactation counseling and provide financial incentives to hospitals to provide breastfeeding support Merged #5402D
5307D Support initiatives to demonstrate effective and efficient use of HIT technology to improve care delivery for women and infants Completed
5308 Address Disparities through Targeted Training for NYS Health Care Workforce Cancelled
5309 Enhance Services for Youth in Transition with Psychiatric Disabilities Merged #5101C
5310 Promote Effective Use of Charity Care Funds Merged #5603
5311A Design an integrated HCV disease management initiative for HCV screening, care and treatment, and other supports in a variety of treatment settings: primary care clinics, HIV clinics and OASAS clinic programs. Include in Medicaid managed care plans chronic disease infrastructure. Completed
5311B Promote Hepatitis C Care and Treatment through Service Integration: Primary Care Settings Completed
5311C Promote Hepatitis C Care and Treatment through Service Integration: Health Home Expansion Merged with Phase 4
5312 Promote Full Access to the Mental Health Medication on the Medicaid Formulary Merged #5914
5313 Medicaid Support of Water Fluoridation Completed
5314A Medicaid Coverage of Harm Reduction Activities: Clarify Regulations Completed
5314B Medicaid Coverage of Harm Reduction Activities: OASAS Provider Reimbursement Completed
5314C Medicaid Coverage of Harm Reduction Activities: AI providers reimbursement Merged #8021
5315 Expand HIV SNPs enrollment to include non-HIV high-need/high-cost populations (e.g., homeless) Completed
  Basic Benefit Review Work Group
5401 Benefit Review Process Completed
5402A Podiatry for Diabetics Completed
5402B Knee Arthroscopy Completed
5402C Back Pain Treatments Completed
5402D Breastfeeding Support Completed
5402E Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Completed
5402F Reduce payments for elective Cesarean sections and inductions Completed
5402G Growth Hormone Completed
5402H Tobacco Cessation Counseling by Dentists Completed
5403A Obesity Treatment Cancelled
5403B Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) In Waiver
  Workforce Flexibility/Change of Scope of Practice Work Group
5501 Advisory Committee to the Office of the Professions of the State Education Department. Cancelled
5502A Advanced Aides Cancelled
5502B Advanced Home Care Aide Certification Cancelled
5502C Remove collaboration practice agreement requirement for Certified Nurse Practitioners Completed
5502D Collaborative Practice of Dental Hygienists/Definition of Dental Hygiene Completed
5502E Removal of physician supervisory ratio of physician assistants (PAs) Completed
5502F Children's Dental Health Certificate Completed
5503A Standing Orders/Physician Practice Protocols Cancelled
5503B Enable physician home visits Cancelled
5503C Stackable certification and credentials for direct care workers Cancelled
5504 New York State Primary Care Service Corps (PCSC) Completed
5505 Exempt license requirement for certain titles in NYS agencies Suspended
5506 Promote programs such as CDPAP Completed
  Payment Reform & Quality Measurement Work Group
5601 Integrate Medicaid & Medicare service delivery and financing Merged #90
5602 Quality Measurement Completed
5603 Indigent Care Funding Program Reform Completed
5604 Essential Community Provider Network &Vital Access Providers Merged #67
  Affordable Housing Work Group
5700 Re-engage the MRT Affordable Housing Work Group Completed
5701 New York/New York IV Agreement Merged #5700
5702 Establish dedicated fund for supportive housing development Completed
5703 Provide immediate support to supportive housing development. Completed
5704 Unfreeze OMH capital funding Completed
5705 Increase set-asides and incentives for supportive housing Merged #5700
5706 Include funds for ongoing services and operating costs in MRT 1115 Medicaid Waiver In Waiver
5707 Pilot "Social Impact Investment Bonds" for supportive housing Merged #5700
5708 Improve interagency coordination of supportive housing policy and implementation Merged #5700
5709 Establish a work group to identify and improve the supportive/affordable housing capital development process Completed
5710 Evaluate perceived barriers to maximizing existing resources and expanding opportunities Merged #5700
5711 Identify and resolve barriers to transitioning individuals to supportive housing; Establish "Moving On" initiative Merged #5700
5712A Registered Nurse Assessment for ALP services. Completed
5712B Increase ALP Reimbursement Completed
5712C Establish Post-Admission Audits for ALP enrollment Completed
5712D Nursing Home Beds/ALP Completed
5712E Lift CHHA moratorium Completed
5712F LHCSA Aides scope of practice Completed
5712G ALP/CHHA/LTHHCP Contracting Completed
5712H ALP & Therapy Services Completed
5712I ALP Survey Process Completed
5712J ALP Program Forum to evaluate implementation Completed
5713 Co-Locate Community Health Centers for Supportive Housing Residents Cancelled
5714 Notice and best effort education Completed
5715 Expand and improve independent senior housing opportunities Merged #7106
5716 Maintain housing subsidies and focus of NHTD/TBI Waivers Merged #5700
5717 Medical Respite for homeless individuals Completed
5718 Coordinate supportive housing with Health Homes Initiative Merged #89
  Catch-All Work Plans
5901 Payment for Enteral Formula with Medical Necessity Criteria (Revision) Completed
5902 EQUAL Program Completed
5903 Emergency Department Triage Completed
5904 Stakeholder Consultation for Nursing Home Capital Reimbursement In Waiver
5905 Workgroup on Medically Fragile Children Completed
5906 Limited Administrative Review (FQHC) Completed
5907 Exclusive Pharmacy Network Criteria in Managed Care Cancelled
5908 Rural Telehealth Demonstration Completed
5909 Doctors Across New York Physician Loan Repayment and Physician Practice Support Completed
5910 Prescriber Prevails in Managed Care Completed
5911 EPIC Coverage Expansion Completed
5912 Reduction of APG Hospital Investment by $25M Completed
5913 Promote Full Access to the Mental Health Medication on the Medicaid Formulary Completed

Phase 2  
Cancelled 15
Completed 66
Merged 23
Included in MRT Waiver 6
Substantively complete 0
Suspended 2
In Progress 0
Total 112*

* 1.79% Remain open