Fact Sheet

Person-Centered Planning and the HCBS Rule

Fact Sheet on Person-Centered Planning

Person-Centered Planning and the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Final Rule

"To fully meet individual needs and ensure meaningful access to their surrounding community, systems that deliver HCBS must be based upon a strong foundation of person-centered planning and approaches to service delivery." (79 FR 2947, 2014-00487)

"The person-centered service plan must reflect the services and supports that are important for the individual to meet the needs identified through an assessment of functional need, as well as what is important to the individual with regard to preferences for the delivery of such services and supports." (HCBS Final Rule 441.301(c)(2))

Common Terms

HCBS Final Rule: Federal Medicaid regulation that defines person-centered planning standards for individuals receiving HCBS.

Home and Community-Based Services: An array of long-term care services funded by Medicaid.

CMS: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the federal agency responsible for administering Medicaid.

HCBS Setting: Setting that is integrated in and supports full access of individuals receiving Medicaid HCBS to the greater community to the same degree of access as individuals not receiving Medicaid HCBS.

Person-Centered Planning: Process that addresses health and long-term services and support needs in a manner that reflects individual preferences and goals. Intended to assist the individual to achieve

Frequently Asked Questions:

When were the Person-Centered Planning Standards of the HCBS Final Rule effective?

The HCBS Final Rule was effective March 17, 2014. Compliance with the person-centered planning standards was required March 17, 2014, with compliance extended to March 17, 2022 only for modifications made to the additional standards and included in the person-centered plan.

Why are the Person-Centered Planning Standards of the HCBS Final Rule important?

The provisions for person-centered planning included in the HCBS Final Rule will help lead the State towards positive system transformation.

HCBS Person-Centered Planning Requirements:

  • Provides necessary information and support to the individual so that they may drive the planning process whenever possible
  • Includes people chosen by the individual
  • Is timely and occurs at times/locations convenient to the individual
  • Assists the person in achieving outcomes they define for themselves in the most integrated community setting they desire
  • Ensures delivery of services in a manner that reflects personal preferences and choices
  • Helps promote the health and welfare of those receiving services
  • Takes into consideration the culture of the person served
  • Uses plain language that can be understood by the person and the people closest to them (whenever possible)
  • Is reviewed/revised when circumstances change or at request of the individual
  • Identifies individuals´ strengths, preferences, needs (clinical and support), and desired outcomes

Additional Resources:

For questions related to person-centered planning compliance, please e-mail: HCBSrule@health.ny.gov or visit: here or: here.