Benefits of Participation in the PDN Directory

A PDN who enrolls in the Medically Fragile Children´s Private Duty Nursing Program will receive financial enhancements for doing so.

The Program consists of two components. A PDN may participate in one or both of these components to receive the corresponding enhanced rate(s):

  • Component 1: Private Duty Nursing Medically Fragile Children Training and Experience (now up to age 23)
    • Already an option for PDNs serving medically fragile children, a PDN must enroll in the program by attesting to having completed training and/or experience the care of medically fragile children
    • 30% fee enhancement to be calculated at claims submission
  • Component 2: Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Medically Fragile Children´s (MFC) Provider Directory ( up to age 23)
    • A PDN must enroll to be listed in the online, searchable PDN Directory. Participation in the directory indicates the willingness to accept inquiries for providing care to medically fragile children, which may come from family members or representatives, discharge planners and case managers. PDNs are expected to respond to all inquiries.
    • The fee enhancement will be applied to regional base fees, according to the following timeline:
      • October 1, 2020 - 15%
      • April 1, 2021 - 30%
      • April 1, 2022 - 45%
    • This fee enhancement is applied after the application of (in addition to) the Medically Fragile Children Training and Experience rate adjustment.


This online directory provides a list of enrolled New York State Medicaid Program fee-for-service - private duty nursing services providers who provide Medicaid-reimbursed services to medically fragile children and individuals who are between 21 to 23 years of age. The providers listed are not employees of the Department of Health. The Department of Health cannot recommend or refer you to a private duty nursing provider. This online directory provides a list of providers, and the information contained herein is updated periodically. However, some providers may have been added or removed from the list (and/or contact information may have changed) since this directory was last updated. The New York State Medicaid Program suggests that you contact the providers listed in this directory to confirm that the information remains current. Prior approval by the Department of Health is required before services can be provided.