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Medicaid Managed Care Excluded Populations
Residents of State-operated psychiatric facilities
Residents of state certified or voluntary operated treatment facilities for children
Medicaid eligible infants living with incarcerated mothers in state or local correctional facilities
Individuals who are expected to be MA eligible for less than 6 months (except for pregnant women)
Blind or disabled children living separate from their parents for 30 days or more
Permanent residents, under age 21, of residential health care facilities (RHCF)
Adolescents admitted to Residential Rehabilitation Services for Youth (RRSY)
Individuals receiving hospice services at time of enrollment
Individuals with access to comprehensive private health insurance
Persons in receipt of Medicaid/Medicare
Foster care children placed by voluntary agencies or in the care and custody of the Office of Children and Family Services
Individuals with a spend-down/medically needy
Individuals under 65 years of age, who have been determined eligible by the Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program: Breast, Cervical, Colorectal, Prostate Cancer
Individuals receiving family planning services only
District 97, Fiscal responsibility of State OMH
District 98, Fiscal responsibility of State OPWDD