NHTD and TBI Waiver Transition Workgroup Meeting

February 24, 2016, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

One Commerce Plaza, Room 1613

  • Meeting Minutes is also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 45KB)

Welcome and introduction - David Hoffman, Bureau Director, Bureau of Community Integration and Alzheimer´s Disease

  • Review of meeting agenda
    • Provider Qualifications for CIC, ILST, PBIS and SDP Services
    • Service Coordinator and Care Manager Qualifications
    • Other discussion on Transition Plan Draft
    • Handouts: Crosswalk of Service Provider Qualifications, Crosswalk of Service Coordinator and Care Manager Qualifications
  • DOH is still committed to submitting the draft transition plan for public comment by April 1.
  • Future discussions will include: UAS-NY - issue of score less than 5; model contract language; nuts and bolts of billing.

Review of Provider Qualifications for CIC, ILST, PBIS and SDP Services - David Hoffman


  1. Issues with self-employed independence and education levels.
  2. Suggestion to include both self-employed providers and master´s level of education in provider qualifications.
  3. Discussion on continuity of care after two-year period ends.
  4. Workgroup agrees to use the NHTD definition for this service.
  5. Clarification that the role of RRDC will be addressed in the RFA process.


  1. Workgroup agrees to use the NHTD definition for this service.
  2. Discussion over concerns of qualified staff and trouble hiring staff to provide ILST.
  3. Clarification on the distinction between ILST and other services.
  4. Concern expressed over payment to ILST providers and flexibility with CFCO rates.


  1. Defining the degree requirements for PBIS (School psychology degree not included in current definition).
  2. Suggestion to add additional degrees to the definition that are not included in the latest version of the program manuals (i.e., ABA Specialist).
  3. Clarification needed on the criteria for grandfathering providers.
  4. Request to remove the 40 hour training requirement for PBIS providers.

Structured Day:

  1. Discussion of the NHTD service definition for Structured Day Programs.
  2. Discussion of the double billing issue with PBIS and Structured Day.
  3. Request to add "relevant degrees" to qualifications to capture changing degree programs.
  4. Suggestion to review the PCA training issue (PCA requirement in SDP will depend on the requirements of the managed care plan).

Review of Service Coordinator and Care Manager Qualifications

  • The service definitions presented in the crosswalk have been modified, but the provider qualifications for SC are the qualifications used in the NHTD program manual.
  • Discussion on the differences in education requirements between SCs and care managers.
  • Suggestion to look at the specific roles and responsibilities of each before determining qualifications for providers.
  • Clarification that the individual member will continue to have a choice of service coordinator after the transition.
  • Clarification that the SC will work for the provider agency.

Discussion on Transition Plan Draft

  • DOH will work to finalize a definition of Service Coordination.
  • DOH will finalize the list of issues for Phase 2 and draft a workplan to share the next meeting.
  • DOH has not edited the transition plan since January. Suggestions should be sent to waivertransition@health.ny.gov..

The next meeting is scheduled for March 3, 2016 from 1:30-3:30pm. The meeting was adjourned at 12:00pm.