ePACES Address Field

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The intent of this message is to provide the Managed Long Term Care plans with information concerning the consumer address field on ePACES.

ePACES Address Field

The address provided on ePACES is the mailing address for the consumer. This may be a different address from where the consumer resides. ePACES does not provide a separate field for multiple address types.

For current enrollees, the MLTC plans can access the Monthly Primary Provider roster (52muMMYY.txt / 52mnMMYY.txt ), which is available on the Health Commerce System under Roster/Report Download. This file provides the case and care of address for the consumer.

For potential enrollees, the client can assign the MLTC plan as an authorized representative to assist with their renewal or Medicaid case by completing and signing DOH–5247 – Medicaid Authorized Representative Designation/Change Request can be submitted to the LDSS/HRA.