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Program Schedule

Downstate: MAY 3, 2016

SHERATON NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE HOTEL - 811 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019
"General Session Room": Empire Ballroom
"Breakout Room 1": Central Park West, "Breakout Room 2": Central Park East, "Breakout Room 3": Lenox Ballroom

Upstate: MAY 17, 2016

RADISSON HOTEL ROCHESTER RIVERSIDE - 120 E Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604
"General Session Room": Riverview
"Breakout Room 1": Anthony, "Breakout Room 2": Bausch, "Breakout Room 3": Carlson

9:00 - 10:00 a.m. General Session Room Registration & Breakfast  
10:00 - 10:30 a.m. General Session Room Welcome and Introduction to the Upstate Regional Learning Symposium

Jason Helgerson, New York Medicaid Director
Peggy Chan, New York DSRIP Program Director
10:40 - 11:40 a.m.   Concurrent Workshop Sessions, A - D Attendees will break into four learning tracks as outlined below based on topical interest. During each workshop, subject matter experts will provide overviews of the topic and frame key barriers and questions to consider throughout the session. Actual examples will be used whenever possible to illustrate operational and/ or policy barriers and solutions relevant to the topic discussed.
  Breakout Room 1 Workshop A. Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Training Strategies The Cultural Competency and Health Literacy (CCHL) collaborative workgroup has brought together PPSs and made significant strides across the state since November 2015. A session building off of continuing these undertakings will include:
  • Focusing on an interactive experience that will inform the upcoming training strategy milestone
  • Fostering cross-PPS collaboration regarding CCHL work streams and goals
  • Addressing strategies for deploying the CCHL training, workforce recruitment and training issues, how to engage CBO partnerships, funding concerns
PPSs can expect this workshop to help identify strategies to address the top five needs/challenges of their group relating to CCHL training strategies. Those likely to benefit from attending this workshop could include: senior leaders in operations, program design, and those focused on human resources trainings.
  Breakout Room 2 Workshop B. Strategies for deploying the PCMH model across the PPS Foundational components of New York health reform include care coordination and transitional care efforts; other parts of DSRIP also rely on this groundwork. A session addressing these underpinnings will include:
  • PCMH launching as it relates to project 2.a.ii. and Advanced Primary Care (APC) efforts
  • Implementation of care coordination and transitional care programs in other forms, including those being pursued as part of Project area 2.b.
  • Components of PCMH certification that build off 3.a.i. physical and behavioral health integration
The goal for this session and the afternoon workshop will be to identify where barriers currently exist for each participant PPS regarding PCMH certification/APC advancement/implementation of care coordination, then identify 2-3 actionable next steps where their PPS can move forward in these arenas. Those likely to benefit from attending this workshop could include: individuals working on PCMH certification, those involved in APC model development, and individuals working on topics related to projects under 3.a, the integration of primary and behavioral health.
  Breakout Room 3 Workshop C. How to roll out effective HIT management to PPS partners HIT and data sharing are common struggles for all large networks, and can be particularly complicated when many systems and partners, including Community Based Organizations (CBOs), come together. This session will explore:
  • How to manage HIT roll-out, including training and use of Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO)
A key aim for this session and the afternoon workshop will be effective RHIO integration strategies, standardization of HIT across partners and how to facilitate data sharing across diverse partners. Those who may benefit from attending this session may include: chief technology officers and individual program directors facing barriers related to data availability and sharing strategies.
  General Session Room Workshop D. Funds Flow and Financial Modeling A fundamental but complex component to a strong PPS is establishing financially sustainable partnerships with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), including working to pay CBOs through PPS partners. Discussions in this workshop will address:
  • Intra-PPS collaboration, particularly between the PPSs' hospital(s) and CBOs as well as between provider groups and non-provider CBOs
  • Ways to financially incentivize providers
In this session and the afternoon workshop, PPSs will discuss complexities of their specific CBO/partnership/financial structures and share creative solutions to some of the more complex funds flow restrictions. Those who might benefit from attending this session include: chief strategy and finance officers, contract managers, and program officials responsible for identifying and contracting with CBOs.
11:45 - 12:40 p.m. General Session Room Lunch and Roundtable Discussions Learning Symposiums are a wonderful opportunity for cross-PPS partnership meetings. Each room for the above workshops will remain open over the lunch period, with available whiteboards, to allow for:
  • Continued conversations from the morning workshops
  • Strategizing based on geographical overlap and previous cross-PPS initiatives
  • Other miscellaneous discussions
12:45 - 2:15 p.m. A: Breakout Room 1
B: Breakout Room 2
C: Breakout Room 3
D: General Session Room
Continuing the Concurrent Workshop Sessions - Developing Action Plans Rejoining the Workshops A-D, a continuation of the topics introduced at the 10:40 morning sessions will include:
  • Participants working together in subgroups to identify ways their PPS can improve in the specific topic area
  • Workshop Subject Matter Experts roaming the room to assist and answer questions
2:15 - 2:25 p.m. Break    
2:25 - 3:25 p.m. General Session Room Reporting Out Workshop Findings - PPS- Specific Breakout Sessions and Live Polling Results Learning Symposium participants from each PPS to gather together and discuss each of the day's workshop sessions' findings, trends, and key considerations.
  • The intra-PPS discussions can flow openly depending on the interests and needs of each specific PPS.
  • Using live-polling, this session will wrap up with workshop subject matter experts sharing the most interesting findings and trends from workshop sessions with Learning Symposium participants.
3:25 - 4:00 p.m. General Session Room Additional Program Updates, Announcements, and Closing Comments

Jason Helgerson, New York Medicaid Director
Peggy Chan, New York DSRIP Program Director

SAVE THE DATE: The Statewide PPS Learning Symposium will take place September 20-22, 2016 in Syracuse, N.Y.