Public Comments for PPS Applications

Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program

Summary of Public Comments on DSRIP PPS Project Plan Applications

Topic Comment Author
Community engagement Require and ensure community-based organization involvement at all levels of decisions Waldo Jackson, Kevin Holmes, Sherry Rivers, Loretta Fleming, Robert Williams, Peggy Lloyd, Chris Norwood (Health People), AVillage…,Inc., South End Neighborhood Association, CHCANYS, NYIC, WNY Integrated Care Network, CPHS
Projects must expand beyond clinical framework and include community-driven health programs and barriers to healthcare access Waldo Jackson, Kevin Holmes, Sherry Rivers, Loretta Fleming, Robert Williams, LICIL, NYIC, CPHS
PPS lacked outreach to community-based organizations in developing community needs assessments and applications The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, South End Improvement Corp, South End Neighborhood Association, AVillage…, Inc., Dorcey Applyrs, Monique Wahba, Healthy Families NY, West End Neighborhood Association, Jessica Gorman, Matt Lowney, Yen-Fu Lin, Francis Butler, Taylor Booth, Regina Dew, Felicia Comuniello, Mary Mitchell, Latisha Gibbs, Community Development Alliance of the Capital District, Albany Community Land Trust, NYSNA
PPSs ought to support the efforts of programs already existing in communities Healthy Families NY, Mary Mitchell
Ensure transparency of PPS participating providers including ongoing education for health care consumers Mary Mitchell, MergerWatch 
The state failed to mount a public information campaign NYSNA
State should establish a community-based oversight panel to make recommendations to the State regarding outreach, engagement and cultural competency Latisha Gibbs, Anisa Greene, Chris Norwood
PPS Project Plan Applications Endorsement of Mt. Sinai´s Project Plan Application Isaac Rubin
Endorsement of AW Medical´s Project Plan Application Isaac Rubin, Susan Katz, Summit Home Health Care, Mark Tauber, Joanne King (Harlem East Life Plan), Maria Mendez (The PAC Program), Yelena Schmidt, J.David Liss, Jessica Remache, Anderson Torres (RAIN), CMP,
Requesting consideration for Gouverneur Health in zip 10002 be used as an Urgent care centers within NYC Health and Hospital Corp zip code Lower East Side Power Partnership
Endorsement of Maimonides´s Project Plan Application Isaac Rubin
Encourage Nassau Queens PPS culturaly competency and health literacy interactions to be inclusive of people with disabilities LICIL
Various remarks on United Health Services PPS application Southern Tier Independence Center
Requests for FLPPS to imporve collaboration of existing community rescources for specific projects Health Families NY
Various remarks on HHC´s Project Plan Application in regard to its Workforce Strategy DC37
Lack of Long-term and Post-acute Care (LTPAC) providers in PPS Project Plans LeadingAge
Prioritize women´s health and reproductive health care MergerWatch
Encourage Catholic Medical to use current community resources for project 2.b.iv WNY Integrated Care Network
Support of DSRIP NCQA Level 3 PCMH and ACP standards for PCP´s PCDC, CPHS
Concerns about measuring primary care access PCDC
Concerns about Community Health Needs Assessment and quality review process CPHS, NYSNA
Public comment period Inadequate opportunity for comment Stacy Pettigrew, Latisha Gibbs, John O'Grady, Francis Butler, AVillage…,Inc., South End Neighborhood Association, LeadingAge NY, NYSNA
Regulatory Waivers Request that regulations not be waived for Central NY Care Collaborative Oneida County Dept of Mental Hygiene
Request that regulations not be waived for Westchester Medical PPS and Montefiore PPS Dutchess County Dept of Mental Hygiene
DOH neglected to collect public comment regarding waiver applications NYSNA
Concern about abuse of regulatory waivers LeadingAge NY, 1199 SEIU
Flow of DSRIP Funds Numerous areas of concern regarding the inappropriate diversion of public DSRIP monies to non-safety net providers NYSNA
Make available upfront and continuous funding for the expansion and transforamtions of primary care CPHS
Reimbursement should be proportional to effort achieved for each goal CPHS
Concern about a lack of transparency regarding flow of funds to FQHCs, non-safety net providers, PPS collaborators/participants and other providers CHCANYS, NYSNA
Technology Resources Health IT resources required by DSRIP outside of RHIO should be made available at an affordable or no-cost to FQHCs and community based providers CHCANYS, LeadingAge NY, NYSNA
Ongoing and Expanded Project Evaluation PAOP should serve as ongoing monitors throughout the implementation and evaluation period and integrate a "360 evaluation" CHCANYS, MergerWatch
All DSRIP governance committee meeting should be open, transparent with alternating local NYSNA, CPHS
PPS should be required to create an independent "Public Advocate" to oversee ongoing DSRIP project implementation and PPS governance NYSNA
Public oversight and monitoring of projects is needed NYSNA
Workforce DSRIP program must not undermine the quality of jobs in healthcare 1199 SEIU
Encourage robust development of workforce planning PCDC
Encourage worker engagement and expertise 1199 SEIU
Workforce strategy development with experienced vendor 1199 SEIU
Governance Diversify governance structures to include community input Waldo Jackson, Kevin Holmes, Sherry Rivers, Loretta Fleming, Robert Williams, Peggy Lloyd, Chris Norwood (Health People), Latisha Gibbs, NYIC, NYSNA
Require diversity within PPS governance structures and be reprsentative of PPS workforce NYSNA, CPHS, PCDC, 1199 SEIU
Capital Funds Ensure access to capital PCDC
DSRIP and Longterm Transformation DSRIP is not in itself sufficient to address shortcomings of healthcare delivery system and the state should move towards a system of universal coverage and universal quality NYSNA