New York State Doula Pilot Program

The Department of Health announces the launch of a pilot expansion of the State´s Medicaid program to cover doula services for Medicaid fee–for–service and Medicaid Managed Care enrollees The Medicaid pilot program will be implemented through a phased-in approach in order to ensure access to this new benefit. Phase 1 of the pilot launches Erie County on March 1, 2019. The Department continues to work with doulas in Kings County to enroll as Medicaid providers and Phase 2 of the pilot will launch in Kings County when provider capacity is reached. The doula pilot is a part of the State´s multi–pronged initiative to target maternal mortality and reduce racial disparities in health outcomes. A doula is a non–medical birth coach who assists a woman during the prenatal period, labor, delivery, and post childbirth.

Research suggests the use of a Doula may have a positive effect on health outcomes. The pilot will focus on Erie and Kings Counties which have among the highest maternal and infant mortality rates and largest number of Medicaid births in New York State. The New York State Medicaid Program will reimburse participating doulas for up to four prenatal visits, support during labor and delivery, and up to four postpartum visits.

County Name Phone Number Email Address Languages Spoken Certified By Certification Expiration Additional Skills
(e.g. sign language, focus on Caribbean communities)
Medicaid Managed Care Plan
Erie Kayla Rogers 716–541–8749 English/ some Spanish Divine Lotus Doula Services 11/30/2020 Birth and Postpartum Services, Hospital & Out of Hospital Births, Rebozo Trained BCBS, Fidelis, Independent Health, United HealthCare, Wellcare, Your care
Erie Shannon Johns 716–909–0074 English DONA 1/31/2020 Vaginal birth, Cesarean births, Home birth, Hospital birth, Birthing Center births, Vbac´s, and multiples. Independent Health, Fidelis Care, Yourcare, United Healthcare, Univera, BC/BS, Wellcare
Erie Brenzella Williams 716–863–9832 English Life Cycle Collective (LCCD) 3/1/2022 Birth and Postpartum services, Vaginal and Cesarean births. Birthing Center, Hospital and Home births  
Erie Rachel Tibold 716–548–5212 English and some Spanish DONA International 3/1/2022 Home birth, Hospital birth & Birthing Center Birth Vaginal, Caserean & Multiple (Twins, Triplets, etc.) Postpartum Doula Services Rebozo Usage & Workshops Fidelis Care New York, Inc. /HealthNow New York, Inc / Independent Health's MediSource / United Healthcare Community Plan/ WellCare of New York / YourCare Health Plan / BCBS
Erie Sondra Dawes 716–886–0771 English Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/31/2019    
Erie Ashley Way 716–866–0771 English Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/31/2019    
Erie Fardowsa Aden 716–866–0771 English, Somali Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/31/2019    
Erie Indra Karki 716–881–6191     3/1/2022    
Erie Bhagi Neupane 714–886–0771 English, Nepali Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/31/2019    
Erie Teonna D. Fleming 716–406–8954 English DONA International 10/2020 Gentle Birth,Physiologic Birth, Acupressure, Unmedicated Birth, Cesarean, Vaginal Birth after Cesarean, Birth and Postpartum Planning  
Erie Khin Thaw Win 716–886–0771 English, Karen, Burmese Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/31/2019    
Erie Annie Sa Pay 716–881–6191 English, Burmese, Chinese, Mandarin Chinese Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/31/2019    
Erie Seetal Ghimirey 716–881–6191          
Erie Molly McDermott 716–949–1115          
Erie Bhima Tiwari 716–881–6191          
Erie Indra Ghrimire 716–881–6191          
Erie Kaitlyn McKinney 716–881–6191          
Erie Sharimin Sultana 716–881–6191          
Erie Shaunella Myles-Jones 716–310–5204 English DONA International 3/1/2022    
Erie Njeri Motley 716–578–1149 English Independent 3/1/2022   Independent Health, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Yourcare
Erie Ashley Petit 716–860–4456 English, Spanish DONA International 3/1/2022 Birth and Postpartum Services, Prenatal Yoga, Hospital, Home, Birth Center, Tobacco Treatment Specialist  
Erie Jennifer Woods 716–597–2922 English DONA International 10/2021 Also an LMSW  
Erie Mu Paw 716–886–0771 Karen, Burmese, and English Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/2019    
Erie Radhika Dhimal 716–881–6191 Nepali, English Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/2019    
Erie Julissa Vazquez 716–886–0771 English Jericho Road Community Health Center 12/2019    

If you are a doula interested in participating in the pilot program, and you are looking for assistance with:

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  • Learning how to bill the Medicaid program;
  • Would like to host a workshop; and/or
  • Would like in-person training;

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