About The Medicaid Redesign Team

To address underlying health care cost and quality issues in New York´s Medicaid program, within days of taking office, Former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo created the Medicaid Redesign Team to both craft a first year Medicaid budget proposal as well as develop a multiyear reform plan. He invited key Medicaid stakeholders to the table in a spirit of collaboration to see what could be achieved collectively to change course and rein in Medicaid spending, while at the same time improving quality.

Medicaid Redesign is premised on the idea that the only way to really control costs is to improve the health of program participants. The MRT action plan launched a series of innovative solutions designed to better manage care and reward providers that help keep people healthy. This approach differs from other states, which have relied on taking away benefits from low-income people or by cutting provider payment rates as ways to cut Medicaid costs. MRT hasn´t been just about cost control. The quality of care is also being improved.

More than 200 initiatives were created as a result of MRT. These initiatives will implement programmatic changes to the way health care is provided, reimbursed and managed to ensure that we are providing quality care in the most efficient manner.