MRT 11 Timeline

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 Revised 8/25/11 

Timeline for Pharmacy Carve–in Transition/Communication Plan
July 5, 2011

Action Responsible Party Target Date Status
Transition Plan draft finalized DOH 4/29/2011
Transition Plan guidance vetted and finalized with Trade Associations DOH 5/11/2011
Transition Plan guidance issued to and finalized with plans DOH 5/24/2011
Transition Plan requirements provided to plans DOH 5/31/2011
Full pharmacy data file provided to the plans DOH 6/10 to 6/18/2011
Plans provided with PMPM DOH 7/8/2011
Transition Plan and formulary submitted to DOH MCOs 7/25/2011 ( or 44 days after receipt of full pharmacy file)
Claims Data, Special Populations, and Supply Analysis/Action Plan submitted to DOH MCOs 7/25/2011 (or 44 days after receipt of full pharmacy file)
Special Edition Medicaid Update and monthly Medicaid Update DOH 7/28/2011
DOH notification to plans of members restricted to pharmacy/provider DOH 8/1/2011
Plan/PBM Call Center available for general questions MCOs 8/2011
 Updated 8/25/11 
DOH notification to recipients
DOH 8/1 to 8/15/2011 8/25/11
DOH email blast to providers DOH 8/15/2011 (continuing weekly)
 Updated 8/17/11 
DOH review/approval of MCO Transition Plans
DOH 8/17/2011
Medicaid Update and Poster DOH 8/31/2011
Plan notifications to providers MCOs On or after 8/22/2011
 Updated 8/12/11 
Plan notifications to recipients (also may include targeted mailings, if needed)
MCOs 8/22/2011
8/31/2011 – 9/7/2011
 Updated 8/12/11 
Plan/PBM call center available for specific questions.
MCOs 8/22/2011 8/25/2011
Web site Updates MCOs 8/15/2011 – 10/1/2011
Transition Plan /Formulary amendments submitted to DOH MCOs 8/22/2011
Provider Outreach Conducted MCOs 8/22/2011 – 10/1/2011
Medicaid Update DOH 9/2011
Follow up targeted mailings (If needed) MCOs 9/8/2011 – 9/15/2011
"Catch Up" data file provided to plans DOH 9/1/2011
Implementation MCOs 10/1/2011
Post Implementation monitoring and follow up MCOs Daily upon implementation will modify frequency as needed.

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