Meeting 5


January 29, 2018

Welcome & Agenda

Chad Shearer, Vice President for Policy, United Hospital Fund

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Meeting Agenda
Item # Agenda Items Time Duration
1. Welcome and Agenda 11:00am 10 mins
2. Chair´s Welcome and Ten–Point Plan Reminder 11:10am 10 mins
3. DOH Update 11:20am 10 mins
4. Implementation Plan 11:30am 10 mins
5. Discussion 11:40am 15 mins
6. Talking about First 1,000 Days 11:55am 15 mins
7. Discussion 12:10pm 15 mins
8. Closing 12:25pm 5 mins


Nancy Zimpher, Co–Chair, First 1000 Days on Medicaid
Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, Co–Chair, First 1000 Days on Medicaid
Jeffrey Kaczorowski, Vice–Chair, First 1,000 Days on Medicaid

First 1000 Days on Medicaid: 10–Point Plan

Final Rank Proposal Description
1 Proposal 17 – Braided Funding for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultations
2 Proposal 10 – Statewide Home Visiting
3 Proposal 1 – Create a Preventive Pediatric Clinical Advisory Group
4 Proposal 4 – Expand Centering Pregnancy
5 Proposal 2 – Promote Early Literacy through Local Strategies
6 Proposal 14 – Require Managed Care Plans to have a Kids Quality Agenda
7 Proposal 5 – New York State Developmental Inventory Upon Kindergarten Entry
8 Proposal 20 – Pilot and Evaluate Peer Family Navigators in Multiple Settings
9 Proposal 18 – Parent/Caregiver Diagnosis as Eligibility Criteria for Dyadic Therapy
10 Proposal 16 – Data System Development for Cross–Sector Referrals
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DOH Update

Jason Helgerson, Deputy Commissioner and Medicaid Director, NYSDOH

Proposal: Invest when it matters most: the first 1,000 days of life
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Implementation Plan

Kalin Scott, Director, Medicaid Redesign Team

Progress to Date

  • Internal DOH working groups formed for each proposal
  • Beginning to meet weekly to form individual implementation plans
  • Stakeholder outreach strategies being developed:
    • Formal workgroups (where stated in proposal language)
    • Advisory panels (informal consultation where needed)

Evaluation Workgroup


  • Define metrics and strategies for evaluating First 1,000 Days over multiple years based on scaffolding provided by the First 1,000 Days Workgroup;
  • Develop guidance to DOH internal workgroups on how to select proposal–specific metrics; work with those workgroups as needed;
  • Analyze results over time


Co–Chairs will be selected in February/March, members who expressed interest in joining will be contacted shortly thereafter

First 1,000 Days Workgroup Going Forward

  • This workgroup will reconvene in April via webinar for a budget update
  • Workgroup will reconvene periodically thereafter for progress updates and to solicit guidance on implementation and expanding the reach of First 1000 Days
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Talking to New Yorkers About First 1,000 Days

Kate Breslin, Vice–Chair, First 1,000 Days on Medicaid

  • An important start – planting of a seed
  • Not brand new – integrated into existing efforts/initiatives
  • Cross–sectoral
  • Even though FY 2018–19 proposed investment is relatively small, important to talk about it, explain it, keep it in the budget
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Nancy Zimpher, Co–Chair, First 1000 Days on Medicaid

Contact Information

Chad Shearer
Vice President for Policy Director, Medicaid Institute (212) 494–0793

Suzanne Brundage
Program Director, Children´s Health Initiative (212) 494 – 0729@suzbrundage

Join the conversation on twitter: #First1KDaysNY @NewYorkMRT

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