Cover Letter to CMS

November 3, 2008

Ms. Diane Gerrits, Project Officer
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Center for Medicaid and State Operations
Department of Health and Human Services
7500 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21244-1850

Dear Ms. Gerrits:

The New York State Department of Health (SDOH) is seeking Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approval of an amendment to the Partnership Plan 1115 Demonstration Waiver (Project Number 11-W00114/2) and the Federal-State Health Reform Partnership (F-SHRP) (Project Number 11-W-00234/2) to implement mandatory managed care enrollment of Medicaid beneficiaries with HIV/AIDS and to provide 12 months continuous coverage to certain Medicaid beneficiaries and all Family Health Plus (FHPlus) enrollees.

Enclosed to support this request are: a detailed description of the amendments including proposed changes to the Special Terms and Conditions (STCs), an explanation of the process used by SDOH to solicit public input regarding the requested amendments, and a discussion of the effect on Budget Neutrality for each program change. The evaluation design does not have to be modified because the existing evaluation measures adequately address these changes. Responses to the questions raised by CMS about the original 12 months continuous coverage amendment are also reflected in this submission.

The Department appreciates the continuing cooperation and assistance provided by CMS to the State of New York through both the Partnership Plan and F-SHRP 1115 Waiver Demonstrations. We look forward to your questions and comments on this proposed amendment.


Jay Laudato
Director, Division of Managed Care