NYS Abortion Cost Options

Abortions are a covered benefit in New York. Health insurance, including Medicaid, could cover the costs. If you need health insurance, you can see and choose options through the NY State of Health exchange. Medicaid members can learn more about Medicaid Family Planning Services

For New Yorkers who need help with payment, there are resources available that can help cover costs:

  • Paying for Health Care: Health insurance options from New York State.
  • New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF): If you live in or are traveling to New York State, you may be eligible for NYAAF funds. Call 212-252-4757 or email info@nyaaf.org.
  • Out-of-State Residents: New York State coverage requirements for abortion services only apply to policies purchased in New York State. Travelers may not have abortion coverage if they or their employer bought a health insurance policy in a state that does not allow abortions.
  • Check your insurance policy to know if you have coverage for abortion services and visit the NYS site to learn more.

For those traveling to New York for abortion care, there are organizations available to help pay for travel expenses:

  • The Brigid Alliance provides help with travel expenses.
  • Choices Women's Medical Center provides help to those out of state looking for an abortion (this includes appointments, financial help, and housing).
  • Your employer may also help with the travel costs for getting abortion care. Talk to your employer about options they may have to help.