Single Source Procurement: Testing Materials for Blood-borne Viruses

The staff of the Division of Infectious Diseases performs clinical laboratory diagnostics, outbreak analysis and research on diseases of public health importance. A vast majority of infectious agents/diseases can be identified in these laboratories including West Nile virus, HIV, rabies, influenza, botulism, anthrax and E. coli 0157:H7.

The Blood-borne Viruses Laboratory serves as New York State's public health reference laboratory and plays a critical role in the State's response. Rapid testing and diagnosis of infection is critical to prevent the further spread of disease. The lab is faced with the on-going challenge of the development of assays for more rapid detection of HIV-1 infection. This has been achieved through the deployment of assays shown to be effective for earlier detection, in addition to incorporating new technologies to ensure a rapid and effective public health response in New York State.

It is critical that Wadsworth's Laboratories maintain the capability for early detection of primary HIV-1 infection to ensure timely treatment. Early detection reduces the possibility of an infected person remaining undiagnosed and unknowingly exposing others to HIV-1 infection and ultimately spreading HIV disease in New York State. Additionally, the diagnosis in newborns is imperative for effective treatment.

This Contract Reporter Exemption Request approval will allow for the purchase of filed requirement for the current fiscal year while procurement methodology is pursued to replace the expired contract. The period requested is April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015.

GenProbe is the manufacturer of the Aptima HIV-1 RNA and Aptima QL auto detect reagents which are necessary for early detection of HIV-1. GenProbe is the only manufacturer/supplier of these reagents and the items cannot be obtained from any other vendor. The reagents requested are required for use solely with the existing equipment and proprietary software. Use of these reagents significantly impacts the laboratory's ability to continue with the rapid and accurate diagnosis of HIV-1 infection in NYS patients.

Procurement / Program Name Testing Materials for Blood-borne Viruses
Contractor Name(s) GenProbe
Contract Period April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015
Contract Number(s) PA05925