Single Source Procurement: Applied Genomic Technologies Core & New Born Screening

The Department of Health Wadsworth Center, Division of Genetics performs tests for more than 40 congenital diseases as well as screening for exposure to human immunodeficiency virus on all of the quarter of a million babies born annually in New York State. Screening for these diseases is performed on blood spot samples collected within the first few days of the baby's life. Results of these tests are reported to the health care providers within seven days. Most of the disorders are rare but they are all very serious. In most cases, early detection and reporting is crucial for lessening or preventing the effects of the disorder. In support of this effort a Contract Reporter exemption approval request was received to purchase two FDA approved NGS sequencing instruments from Illumina, Inc. Those instruments were the MiSeq Dx Sequencer.

Procurement / Program Name Applied Genomic Technologies Core & New Born Screening
Contractor Name(s) Illumina, Inc.
Contract Period One Time Purchase
Contract Number(s) N/A