Single Source Procurement: Germanium SAGe Well Detector

Gamma-ray spectrometry is performed by the Nuclear Chemistry Laboratory (NCL) Program at Wadsworth Center as a regulatory requirement of radioactivity surveillance in New York State for nuclear emergency response and Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) production of performance testing (PT) standards. Accurate measurement of radioactivity is essential for surveillance of drinking water supplies, nuclear power plants, indoor air, healthcare, and response to public health emergencies. Community water supplies around nuclear power reactors are monitored for radioactivity, and preparedness drills are conducted to improve response to potential accidents or terrorism. Failure to accurately measure, test and perform radiological surveillance would impact New York States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Operations License and the Safe Drinking Water Act. This would also force the NCL Program to terminate production of radioactive PT standards for ELAP, resulting in commercial laboratories not having authority to perform radiochemical testing. Ultimately, violating mandated local and state governing laws, and jeopardizing the protection of public health.

Canberra Industries, Inc. is the prime worldwide manufacturer of germanium detectors and the sole provider of the patented Small Anode Germanium SAGe Well Radiation Detector System and Method (US Patent# US20140264049A1). The new technology offered with the SAGe detector provides enhanced performance and surveillance of highly sensitive low level energy gamma-ray emitting radionuclides. It also offers the highest peak resolution and the largest detector well volume than any other gamma-ray spectrometry available to date. The Department of Health received a Contract Reporter single source exemption request to purchase the Small Anode SAGe Well Detector from Canberra Industries which will be replacing an existing outdated Canberra Ge-well detector. The new Detector will be customized by Canberra with components and sub components which will be fabricated specifically to perform with the existing equipment. The detector and its cryostat will be custom shaped to fit the existing ultra-low background lead shield manufactured by Canberra. The new SAGe detector will be compatible with existing Canberra electronics, components and software currently being used within the NCL program.

Procurement / Program Name Germanium SAGe Well Detector
Contractor Name(s) Canberra Industries, Inc.
Contract Period One time Purchase
Contract Number(s) N/A