Single Source Procurement: Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Food Contracts

Pursuant to New York State Finance Law § 163.10(b), The New York State Department of Health is presenting the following summary of relevant circumstances, and material and substantial reasons why a competitive procurement was not feasible.

Superstorm Sandy's devastating power affected the lives of millions of New Yorkers and caused damage and suffering in hundreds of communities across the State. The storm and its aftermath exacerbated the needs of the State's health and human service providers. To address the on-going supplemental food needs of the affected community, the State of New York has awarded this additional $5 million in federal Superstorm Sandy Social Services Block Grant funding.

The Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) provides supplemental food which is distributed throughout the New York State Emergency Food Program (EFP) network of approximately 2,400 primarily volunteer-operated food banks, soup kitchens and food pantries. These organizations provide more than 200 million meals a year to low income people across the state.

This Social Service Block grant funding will only be distributed to HPNAP contractors serving the downstate New York and the Lower Hudson Valley areas that were affected by Superstorm Sandy. One hundred percent of this funding will be used to purchase food, fresh produce, low-fat milk and dairy products, and associated handling fees to distribute these foods to these downstate communities. Providing this additional food to the downstate EFP network will greatly enhance the quantity and the quality of foods available to the high risk, health compromised population still recovering from Superstorm Sandy. The most efficient, equitable way to achieve downstate distribution of these funds is to rely on the infrastructure provided by these five organizations. These food banks and the United Way of New York City are uniquely qualified for several reasons:

  • They provide the most efficient, cost-effective way to assist the EFP network of soup kitchens and food pantries.
  • They have ample warehouse and distribution capacity to purchase and distribute large quantities of produce in a short period of time within existing infrastructures.
  • They have the ability to readily accept one-time funding increases without making changes to existing organizational structures.

Please note: Other HPNAP contractors not eligible for funding under this award are among the pool of organizations receiving shipments of food and therefore also benefit from these contracts.

HPNAP resources, along with other government, corporate, and private support, make the EFP network one of the most cost-efficient public/private partnerships in the state. HPNAP works with EFPs to improve the quantity and quality of the meals served at local soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters. By supporting this volunteer EFP network, significant cost benefits are achieved: for the cost of a single meal obtained through commercial markets, HPNAP-supported EFPs provide almost three meals. Further, strategies have been developed to increase the proportion of nutritious foods and to ensure that meals provided through the network are targeted toward combating nutrition-related chronic diseases.

Procurement / Program Name Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Food Contracts
Contractor Name(s) Multiple – Please see attached.
Contract Period 4/1/2015 – 9/30/2015
Contract Number(s) C030279 – C030283