Single Source Procurement: National LGBT Cancer Network Expansion

Pursuant to New York State Finance Law § 163.10(b), The New York State Department of Health is presenting the following summary of relevant circumstances, and material and substantial reasons why a competitive procurement was not feasible.

The AIDS Institute (AI) is requesting an amendment to a contract C028649 with the National LGBT Cancer Network. This amendment provides additional funds to this organization for development and delivery of a video and toolkit aimed at healthcare providers and school educators who provide care and education to the LGBT, transgender and gender nonconforming communities.

The National LGBT Cancer Network addresses the cancer needs of LGBT survivors and those at risk. The organization's mission is to: train health care providers to offer more culturally sensitive, safe and welcoming care to LGBT patients; educate the LGBT community about its increased cancer risks and the importance of screening/early detection; and advocate for LGBT inclusion in cancer research, media and national organizations.

An important component of the NYS plan for Ending the AIDS Epidemic is reaching out to and working with members of the highest-risk communities. One of the identified high-risk groups is the LGBT, and specifically Transgender, communities.

DOH recently completed a competitive procurement for Health and Human Services for Lesbian. Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) Individuals (DOH01-0000459-3450000 – GMK1). National LGBT Cancer Network was the awardee selected under Component B of the competitive procurement - for the LGBT Cultural Competency Coordination of this project. This request is a one-time increase for providing additional services using the same methodology and intervention strategies for the target population. This work is a logical extension of the current competitively procured contract and synergizes with this project. The LGBT Cancer Network is uniquely positioned to provide a high-quality Toolkit in the time frame we require. It is in the best interest of the state to use this vendor.

Procurement / Program Name National LGBT Cancer Network Expansion
Contractor Name(s) The National LGBT Cancer Network, Inc.
Contract Period 10/1/2014 - 9/30/2016
Contract Number(s) C028649