End of AIDS - Reaching Young Injection Drug Users Contractors

Contract # Name Vendor ID
C028470 Trillium Health, Inc. (formerly AC Center) 1000029049
C028471 AIDS Center of Queens County 1000024432
C028472 AIDS Community Resources 1000015812
C028473 Catholic Charities AIDS Services 1000034682
C028474 Citiwide Harm Reduction Program 1000013464
C028475 Community Health Action of Staten Island 1000026708
C028476 EHS, Inc. 1000015552
C028477 Family Services Network of New York, Inc. 1000011773
C028478 Harlem United Community AIDS Center 1000026661
C028479 Housing Works, Inc. 1000026726
C028480 Long Island Minority AIDS Coalition 1000012125
C028481 Lower Eastside Harm Reduction Center 1000026797
C028482 New York Harm Reduction Educators 1000026776
C028483 Positive Health Project, Inc. 1000026851
C028484 Safe Horizon 1000026346
C028485 Southern Tier AIDS Program 1000015688
C028486 St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction, Inc. 1000001345
C028487 The After Hours Project 1000055820
C028488 Voices of Community Activists & Leaders 1100005631
C028489 Washington Heights CORNER Project 1000030247
C029038 Hudson Valley Community Services 1000013060
C029594 Harm Reduction Coalition 1000009803
C030209 AIDS Council of Northeastern New York 1000017013