HIV/STI/Hep C Prevention for Communities of Color Contractors

Contract # Contractor
C027608 Boom! Health
C027609 Hipsanic AIDS Forum
C027611 Ali Forney Center
C027612 Research Foundation of SUNY/Downstate Medical Center
C027613 Gay Men of African Descent, Inc.
C027614 AIDS Community Resources, Inc.
C027615 Southern Tier AIDS Program, Inc.
C027616 Trillium Health, Inc.
C027617 The MOCHA Center, Inc.
C027617A Trillium Health, Inc.
C027618 Hudson Valley Community Services, Inc.
C027619 Long Island Crisis Center, Inc.
C027620 Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth, Inc.
C027621 Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Inc.
C027622 APICHA Community Health Center
C027623 Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc.
C027624 AIDS Council of Northeastern New York, Inc.
C027625 The Albany Damien Center, Inc.
C027626 AIDS Center of Queens County, Inc.
C027627 Community Health Action of Staten Island, Inc.
C027628 EHS, Inc.
C027629 MICHA Center, Inc.
C027629A Trillium Health, Inc.
C027630 Health People, Inc.
C028261 AIDS Service Center of Lower Manhattan
C027632 Bridging Access to Care
C027633 Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc.
C027634 Hudson Valley Community Services, Inc.
C027635 Community Access Services of WHY, Inc.
C027636 AIDS Community Resources, Inc.
C027637 Monroe County Department of Health
C027648 In Our Own Voices, Inc.
C027649 Iris House, Inc.
C027650 Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center
C027651 Pride Center of Western New York
C027652 National Black Leadership Commission of AIDS, Inc.
C027653 New York City Gay & Lesbian Anit-Violence Project, Inc.
C027655 Centro Civico of Amsterdam, Inc.