Single Source Procurement: New York State Physician Profile

The Department of Health Office of Professional Medical Conduct is modifying the scope of work of the existing Contract C02342B between the Department of Health and Maximus Health Services, Inc. for a cost of $29,301.51. The reason for the scope change is to integrate the NYS Physician Profile data with the Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) data. The amendment is for an add-on (new work) to incorporate CHWS' survey questions with the Profile question into one survey instrument. It will not change any of the existing work required by the contract. The one-time cost is to develop, operate, store and maintain a hybrid physician profile through a merge of dataset from the NYS Physician Profile and CHWS.

Procurement / Program Name New York State Physician Profile
Contractor Name(s) Maximus Health Services, Inc.
Contract Period 3/1/14 – 2/28/15
Contract Number(s) C026342B