End of AIDS - Prime Care Initiative PrEP Specialists Contractors

Contract # Vendor Name Vendor ID
C026240 Arnot Ogden Medical Center 1000007496
C026241 Anthony L. Jordan Health (DECLINED AWARD) 1000028499
C026242 Suffolk County Department of Health Services 1000000809
C026243 Middletown Community Health Center 1000013955
C026244 Hudson River Health Care 1000001249
C026245 Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center 1000000127
C026246 Network 1000026428
C026247 Housing Works 1000026726
C026248 Community Health Project 1000006372
C026249 William F. Ryan Community 1000026314
C026250 Albany Medical College 1000013699
C026251 Trillium Health (AC Center, Inc.) 1000029049
C026252 EHS, Inc. 1000015552