Single Source Procurement: Media Buying Services Contract Extension

The Department of Health Bureau of Marketing and Creative Communications (BMCC) received permission for a single-source contract extension with OPAD Media Solutions (C026118) for a 8 months contract extension while an RFP is in process for a new 5 year contract. The current DOH contract for media buying services expires 12/31/2014. BMCC works directly with OPAD Media to deliver important and live saving health messages to target audiences across NYS with the purchase of paid media. The Contractor plans, buys and tracks all media purchased for public health programs of the Department. OPAD Media is responsible for media planning, including demographic research; targeting media to reach specified audiences; purchase of media; distribution of media to appropriate outlet; coordination of production of media per BMCC direction; providing campaign reporting during flighting, specifically digital media; optimizing digital media during campaign; submitting affidavits of performance; obtaining completion reports and/or photos; submitting vouchers; presenting post-buy analyses and evaluations. The current contractor was originally selected via a competitive procurement through the RFP process. Engaging another provider at this time is not feasible while any interruption of services would negatively impact the Department and the public as public health campaign initiatives are ongoing.

Procurement / Program Name Bureau of Marketing and Creative Communications
Contractor Name(s) Opad Media Group
Contract Period January 1, 2015 – August 31, 2015
Contract Number(s) C026118