Committees of State Hospital Review and Planning Council

This page is intended for historical purposes only. The State Hospital and Review Planning Council is defunct.

The Council holds six full Council meetings per year, including an annual meeting each February. In addition, committee meetings are held two weeks prior to each full Council meeting. All meetings are posted on the "Public Meetings" page of the Department's website.

The Council has the following standing committees and responsibilities:

Project Review Committee

Reviews Certificate of Need (CON) applications involving construction, service changes or establishment of healthcare facilities.

Planning Committee

Advises the SHRPC on need methodologies, health facility plans, and emerging health care issues; monitors major health care initiatives and local health planning activities, and advises the SHRPC on progress and/or problems in health planning.

Major Medical Equipment and Appropriateness Review Committee

Develops and reviews appropriateness standards (Part 708) for various services. The Committee evaluates high technology equipment, and advises the SHRPC on such specialized services as organ transplant or stroke related services.

Codes and Regulations Committee

Reviews new or revised regulations relating to medical facility operational and structural standards, including quality of care and the need for facilities and/or services.

Fiscal Policy Committee

Reviews proposed changes to Part 86 of the State Hospital Code concerning medical facility rates of reimbursement.

Information Systems Review Committee

Develops recommendations for the CON review of health information technology in order to promote adoption of interoperable health IT systems.

Executive Committee

Consults with the Department of Health, and other governmental entities and organizations, and consider such matters as are within the purview of the Council.