Public Health and Health Planning Council

Public Health and Health Planning Council
2023 Timeline

PHHPC Committee
Meeting Dates
PHHPC Full Council
Meeting Dates
PHHPC Meeting
01/26/23 02/09/23 Albany
03/30/23 04/18/23 NYC
06/15/23 9:30AM 06/29/23 10:00AM NYC
08/24/23 10:15AM 09/07/23 10:15AM Albany
11/02/23 9:30AM 11/16/23 10:00AM NYC

*Meeting sites are listed but there may be multiple meeting locations available for attendance by PHHPC members, applicants, and members of the general public.

  • Albany Location – Empire State Plaza, Concourse Level, Meeting Room 6
  • NYC Location - 90 Church Street, Meeting Rooms A/B, 4th Floor, New York, NY

Adopted 6/2/2022
Updated 9/22/2022
Updated 6/1/2023