Certificate of Need Review Criteria

Certificate of need applications are reviewed against the following criteria:

Public Need

Determination of public need is based upon a variety of factors, including population demographics, service utilization patterns, epidemiology of selected diseases and conditions and access to services.

Financial Feasibility

Financial feasibility is based on expenses, projected revenues, current financial status and capacity to retire debt.

Character and Competence

Assessment of the character and competence of an applicant is based upon experience and past performance in operating a health care service including records of violations, if any, and whether a substantially consistent high level of care was maintained. Applicants without experience in health care services are evaluated based on compliance with laws and practices pertinent to their professional experience.


Buildings must comply with Title 10, Chapter V, Article 2 (Parts 710-717) of the Official Compilation of the Rules and Regulations of the State of New York.