Project Sunlight Reporting

The NYS Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 requires state agencies and specified others to report certain "appearances" before the agency into an electronic database maintained by the Office of General Services. "Appearances" are in person/video meetings (not written communications) by persons or their representatives that are intended to influence the department's decision making in certain areas, namely involving:

  • Procurements over $25,000
  • Regulatory matters
  • Adoption/repeal of a regulation
  • Rate setting
  • Judicial or quasi- judicial proceedings
  • Note: The reporting of phone calls is no longer required.

A number of exceptions to reporting exist, including:

  • "Appearances" by other public agencies, the media, elected officials and minors
  • Ministerial interactions, e.g., collecting/dispensing factual information
  • Open meetings
  • Interactions made confidential by law
  • Emergency procurements

Additionally, Department of Health specific exceptions include "appearances" related to the investigation and conduct of:

  • Medicaid fair hearings
  • Patient abuse hearings
  • Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) hearings
  • Nursing home discharge hearings where DOH is not a party
  • Early Intervention hearings where DOH is not a party
  • WIC hearings where DOH is not a party
  • Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement matters made confidential by PHL § 3371

The Department of Health is complying with Project Sunlight by reporting qualifying "appearances" into the publically searchable database at: