Occupational Lung Disease Toolkit Guide

A complete copy of this toolkit is available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) (file size: 1159 KB).

Your Occupational Lung Disease Toolkit includes a section with educational information about occupational health, a section with information about the Occupational Lung Disease Registry, and a section with materials about asthma, as described below:

Educational Information about Occupational Health

  • New York State Occupational Health Clinic Network:
    The Clinic Network is available for consultation or referral of patients with occupational lung disease. Services and locations of the Clinics are provided.
  • Environmental Exposure History Card (ATSDR):
    Summarizes the steps involved in taking an occupational and environmental health history.
  • Article - "Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases":
    Describes four questions healthcare providers should routinely ask their patients to assist in identifying whether a disease may have an occupational etiologic component.
  • Occupational Medicine Clinical Practice Reviews:
    References a web-site healthcare providers can use to access nine Occupational Clinical Practice Reviews published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.
  • Form - "Exposure History Form" (ATSDR):
    This form can be an efficient way to obtain information about patients' environmental exposures.

Occupational Lung Disease Registry

Work-Related Asthma Information

NOTE: Forms listed above are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Help with PDF documents can be found here.

To receive hard copies of these forms, please contact:

New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Occupational Health and Injury Prevention
Empire State Plaza-Corning Tower, Room 1325
Albany, New York 12237

518-402-7900 or 1-800-458-1158

Use the form below to request other materials:
Materials Request Form: Occupational Lung Disease and Occupational Health Materials