Annual Compliance Reports

Each year, the Department of Health prepares a report of the public water systems that had violations during the previous year. Also provided is a list of 2020 deferrals issued to water systems with PFOA, PFOS and 1,4-dioxane levels above drinking water standards, also known as maximum contaminant levels or MCLs.

More Information

  • You can get information about your public drinking water and New York State’s rivers, lakes and streams on the Know Your NY Water website. Your Annual Drinking Water Quality Report will tell you where your water comes from, how your drinking water is treated, and information about contaminants in your water. 
  • For information about your water, contact your public water system. Their contact information is also listed at Know Your NY Water, and on your water bill.
  • For questions about your water, you can also contact your local health department or call the New York State Department of Health at (518) 402-7650, or email us at 
  • Visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency for federal information about drinking water requirements for states and public water systems.