Source Water Protection Coordinating Committee (SWPCC)

Mission Statement

The Source Water Protection Coordinating Committee (SWPCC) will apply scientific, public health, environmental and communications expertise to identify and resolve issues in evaluating and protecting public drinking water sources in New York State. The SWPCC will serve as a sounding board to help direct the New York State Department of Health Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) as well as recommend methods to distribute source water assessment information to constituents represented by members of the committee and the public. After the first year, the SWPCC will focus it's expertise on efforts related to the protection of source waters in New York State.

Types of Members

Active Member

Any person who is committed and able to attend the meetings and who actively participates within a working group or any person who represents a constituency on the Committee whose participation is significant to an effective source water protection program.

Corresponding Member

Any person who is unable to attend the meetings of the committee or is unable to actively participate in a technical or advisory working group, but whose representation and advice on specific issues is important to the implementation of a successful source water assessment and protection program in New York State or for any person who does not want to be considered an active member but would like to be informed of specific issues addressed by the technical and advisory working groups.

For Additional Information

For additional information about the Source Water Protection Coordinating Committee, please contact:

Center for Environmental Health
Bureau of Water Supply Protection
Empire State Plaza-Corning Tower, Room 1110
Albany, New York 12237