Responsibilities of Operator and Occupants of Migrant Farmworker Housing

The poster that is required to be posted in all regulated migrant farmworker housing facilities is 17 x 22 and has blue and red lettering on a white background. To obtain a copy of this poster, please contact your local health department.

New York State Department of Health regulations for Migrant Farmworker Housing places specific responsibilities on migrant farmworker housing operators and occupants for proper operation and maintenance of housing facilities and environs. The following is a summary of those responsibilities:

Responsibilities of Operator

  • To maintain housing in a structurally sound condition, which also prevents infestation by insects or rodents.
  • To provide stoves, refrigerators and facilities for cooking and dining. The cooking, refrigeration, equipment, shelves, dishwashing sink, table and chairs must be maintained in proper operating condition and in good repair.
  • To provide and maintain smoke detectors in every dwelling unit.
  • To provide an adequate quantity of water that is safe to drink.
  • To provide and maintain adequate toilets, showers and handwash facilities. Hot and cold water must be supplied to the sinks and showers.
  • To provide laundry trays, wash tubs, sinks or washing machines with hot and cold water for washing clothes and clothes lines or dryers for drying clothes.
  • To provide an adequate number of containers, with covers, for storing garbage and refuse. The containers must be kept in good repair and sanitary.
  • To provide adequate light fixtures and electrical circuits and to maintain electrical service and wiring in good repair and safe condition.
  • To properly store flammable or volatile liquids and agricultural chemicals. Storage must not be in or adjacent to housing areas.
  • To maintain access to an adequate communication system for occupants to call for help in the event of a medical or safety emergency and make available a first aid kit.
  • To provide and maintain heating equipment capable of maintaining temperatures as required in habitable rooms, including bathrooms, shower rooms and washrooms.

Responsibilities of Occupants

  • Keep the living area, including cooking, shower, and toilet areas clean. Cook stoves and the areas around them must be cleaned regularly so grease does not build-up.
  • Use the facilities and equipment provided in a safe and proper manner.
    • Do not remove batteries or disconnect wires from smoke detectors or place plastic, tape, or otherwise cover smoke detectors to make them inoperable.
    • Do not use electrical adapters to increase the number of appliances or equipment that can be plugged into an electrical outlet.
    • Do not remove or rip holes in screens on the windows and doors.
  • Put garbage and trash in proper containers and keep the covers on the containers at all times.
    • Do not burn garbage or throw garbage on the ground.
  • Use only the heating or cooking appliances that have been approved to use in the facility.
    • Do not use electric frying pans, portable burners or similar appliances to cook in your individual rooms.
    • Portable space heaters must be approved for use.
  • Do not allow guests to stay overnight without permission from the operator. Overnight occupancy cannot exceed the permitted capacity.

Please inform the facility operator of any housing problems. Conditions, such as no water, no heat, blocked sink drains or toilets, should be reported.