Congenital Malformations Registry - 1994 Annual Report

Statistical Summary of Children Born in 1994 and Diagnosed Through 1996


This report presents rates of congenital malformations occurring among the 277,945 children who were born alive to New York State residents in 1994. The children reported with a major congenital malformation represent 3.4% of live births. Males had a higher rate of major congenital malformations than females (3.9% versus 2.9%), and black children had a higher major malformation rate than white children (3.9% versus 3.3%).

Section I of this report presents demographic characteristics of children reported to the registry, number of malformations and age at diagnosis. Other sections present the distribution of anomalies by organ system, rates for selected malformations by race and sex and the most common malformations for each county in the state.

This is the twelfth cohort report from the Congenital Malformations Registry. Reports are also available for the 1983-1993 birth cohorts.

The statistics in this report are not comparable to reports before 1992. Cohort reports for the years 1989 to 1991 were not based on birth certificate matched cases. For this report, birth certificates were used to supplement or correct reported data. Birth certificate matching also helped eliminate duplicate cases reported under different names and nonresident births. In addition, 1992 was the first year that the registry used a new coding system, which allows for more specificity. For previous years, ICD-9 codes were used.

A copy of the full 1994 Annual Report is available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).