Acquiring a Gestational Surrogacy Program License

Applying for a gestational surrogacy program license is accomplished using an e-licensure application on the NYSDOH highly secure, Health Commerce System (HCS) web portal. As described below, an organization must establish or have an existing HCS account to use the e-licensure application to apply for a license.

1. Access to an HCS Account is an essential step in the licensure process.

  • Creating an HCS Account: You must first register for an HCS account, prior to receiving access to the e-licensure application. For organizations that are not currently affiliated with the HCS, please contact the NYSDOH Gestational Surrogacy Program to assist your organization with creating an HCS user account. They can be reached at: or by phone at 888-364-0048.
  • Existing HCS Account: Organizations that are already affiliated with the HCS and who have staff with HCS accounts may use their current account. Please note, if you have an issue with an existing account, please contact Commerce Accounts Management Unit (CAMU) at: or by phone at 866-529-1890.

2. Once an organization has an established HCS account, it can access the e-licensure application at the link below to complete the licensure process

The licensure application requires the upload of several documents by your organization. The link below includes a detailed description of the required documents for licensure.

For questions, contact the NYSDOH Gestational Surrogacy Program at: