Get Ready, Get Set to Have a Healthy Baby

Don't assume you landed on the wrong page just because you aren't thinking about having a baby right now. Even though you may not be planning to have a baby, being ready still is a good idea. And, if you are planning to have a baby soon, it's even more important to get ready as soon as possible. This will help you be a healthy mom and have a healthy baby.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your baby is to be healthy in the first place.

That means eating healthy foods, getting lots of exercise and not smoking, and drinking or taking drugs that could harm you or the baby. It also means having a doctor, nurse or other health care provider who can make sure you are healthy, treat any health problems you may have and help you stay healthy. It's never too soon to start.

Planning for a baby also means asking yourself if you are ready to have a baby. And if the answer is "yes" there are still many questions to answer:

What choices do I have about giving birth?

How should I prepare for the time after my baby is born (the postpartum period)? What should I know about?

What programs are there to help me before, during and after I have my baby?

Where can I learn more about having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby?