Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Statistics: New York State Roadways and County of Crash

In 2007, 746,966 people were involved in crashes on New York's roadways. One hundred and thirty seven thousand of these people sought treatment at one of New York's emergency departments or hospitals. This resulted in almost $504 million in hospital charges.

Motor Vehicle Traffic Injuries

New York State Roadways - New York State Level Data

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Overview of County Level Crash Statistics

This collection of county level data is based upon the county of crash. The data is derived from the Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES). CODES is a database that matches individual records from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Accident Information System to the NYS Department of Health emergency medical services (Pre-Hospital Care Reports) and Hospital Discharge databases. Please be advised that not all information may be available for all counties, as data based on frequencies of less than six are not reported to maintain the confidentiality of the crash victims.

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For Direct Inquiries Contact:

  • New York State Department of Health
    Bureau of Injury Prevention
    Riverview Center
    150 Broadway, Suite 302
    Albany, New York 12204-0677
    PHONE: (518) 473-1143
    FAX: (518) 474-3067

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