3M Versions of the Definition Manual and Crosswalk

3M Definition Manual Versions with Effective Dates

Version Effective Date
v3.1 4/1/2008
v3.2.09.1 1/1/2009
v3.2.09.2 4/1/2009
v3.3.09.3 7/1/2009
v3.3.09.4 10/1/2009
v3.4.10.1 1/1/2010
v3.4.10.2 4/1/2010
v3.4.10.3 7/1/2010
v3.4.10.4 10/1/2010
v3.5.11.1 1/1/2011
v3.5.11.2 4/1/2011
v3.6 7/1/2011
v3.6.11.4 10/1/2011
v3.7.12.1 1/1/12012
v3.7.12.2 4/1/2012
v3.7.12.3 7/1/2012
v3.7.12.4 10/1/2012
v3.8.13.1 1/1/2013
v3.8.13.3 7/1/2013
v3.8.13.4 10/1/2013
v3.9.14.1 1/1/2014
v3.9.14.3 7/1/2014
v3.9.14.4 10/1/2014
v3.10.15.1 1/1/2015
v3.10.15.3 7/1/2015
v3.10.15.4 10/1/2015
v3.11.16.1 1/1/2016
v3.11.16.2 4/1/2016

3M Crosswalk

To access the 3M APG Crosswalk, you must first read and then accept the end user agreement. Please note that the APG Crosswalk is a product of 3M and is supplied for informational use solely for the purpose of personal/provider use in directly participating in the New York State Medicaid Program.

Note: The APG reimbursement methodology pre-existed New York State´s (NYS) APG implementation. The 4/1/2008 thru 7/1/2009 effective dates above are for the version of APG methodology and may not relate to NYS´ implementation dates for APGs. For NYS implementation dates of APGs, return to the APG Home page.