Pesticides Data

Pesticide Sales and Use Reporting (PSUR) – Cornell University Cooperative Extension
Use reports provide data on the amount of pesticides applied by commercial certified pesticide applicators in New York State. Data include the product name, the quantity of pesticide used, the date applied and the US EPA registration number for the product. Sales reports provide data about pesticide sales by businesses with New York State commercial pesticides sales permits. Annual reports on sales and use are available (1997-2004) for New York State, by county and by ZIP Code. The data are collected by NYS DEC under the Pesticide Reporting Law of 1996. The database was created and is maintained for NYS DEC by Cornell University.

Data type: Release, sales
Geographic coverage: State, County, ZIP code
Strengths: Use reports can be used to evaluate patterns of where pesticides are more widely used and what pesticides may be more prevalent in the environment. (The use data are better than the sales data for this purpose).
Limitations: Use reports do not include pesticide applied by non-certified applicators (e.g. homeowners or farmers). Sales data do not provide any information about whether or not the purchased pesticides were applied. Data are available as pounds and gallons of pesticide product by EPA registration number, not as active ingredient. The early years of the database are of limited use, but data quality has improved in recent years.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Pest Management Information Portal
Contains information from NYS DEC's Pesticide Registration Section on pesticide products. Users can search registered and previously registered pesticide products to find out information such as EPA registration number, the specified use of the pesticide, formulation, status, a copy of the product label, and precautionary and toxicity statements. Users can also access information such as find out which products contain a particular active ingredient. This database is also maintained by Cornell University.

Data type: Descriptive
Geographic coverage: State
Strengths: Provides access to detailed information about currently and previously registered pesticides in including required labeling and toxicological information considered by regulators before approving them for use in New York State.
Limitations: Does not provide any data about product usage or prevalence in the environment. Requires familiarity with pesticide jargon and regulation.