Regulated Marijuana

In January, in Governor Cuomo’s FY 2019 Executive Budget address, he directed the Department of Health to conduct a study in consultation with other state agencies to review, including but not limited to, the health, criminal justice and economic impacts of a regulated marijuana program in the state of New York, including the implications for the state of New York resulting from marijuana legalization in surrounding states.

Presentation slide discussing Regulated Marijuana

Consultation will occur on the areas of Health, Substance Use, Mental Health, Public Safety, Criminal Justice, Transportation and Children and Families.

Key Steps

  • Review of New York State experience with illicit marijuana use
  • Review of peer-reviewed literature on regulated marijuana
  • Review of the impact of regulated marijuana in other states
  • Conduct interviews with representatives of other states
  • Review input of subject matter experts

Additional Resources:

Websites from states with regulated marijuana programs: