Information for Processors

Persons processing cannabinoid hemp or hemp extract used for human consumption, whether in intermediate or final form, are required to obtain a cannabinoid hemp processor license from the Department. This includes both processors who extract hemp extract from the raw hemp plant and those who purchase hemp extract in intermediary form to manufacture and/or formulate finished products.

Cannabinoid hemp processors are also required to obtain a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit. More information regarding the requirement to obtain a GMP audit can be found here: Cannabinoid Hemp Processor Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audit Guidance.

APPLY NOW: The Department of Health is now accepting applications for Cannabinoid Hemp Processor Licenses. Click HERE to apply.

View a list of Cannabinoid Hemp Processor Permit Holders.

Apply to be a GMP Auditor

The Department of Health (Department) welcomes applications from individuals or organizations who would like to provide GMP audits for cannabinoid hemp processors and be included on the Departments list of approved GMP auditors.

The Cannabinoid Hemp Third Party GMP Auditor Application is available here: Cannabinoid Hemp Third Party GMP Auditor Application Form. Please complete the form and return to the Department according to the instructions on the application.

If you have any questions about the application process, please e-mail